The Conservative Anglican Church of North America • Set Free Ministries, International • Set Free Healing Center

Three organizations, with international impact, and a desire to disciple young men and women to meet the spiritual and
emotional challenges we face through a unique educational opportunity that is affordable to all.

To meet the immediate needs of our students, Saint James University offers the expertise of our Trauma Counselors and internationally acclaimed Bible teachers through the convenience of "Distance Learning". Instruction and testing is completed on-line, then graded by our faculty and staff. The Christian Mental Health Professional program includes an in-person workshop at the conclusion of each semister which provides our students with their requisit clinical hours. Transcripts are update automatically and available to our students via the internet.

Saint James University is fully accredited by the State of Florida as an institution of Higher Learning. We are currently applying to the State of Texas after which we will provide the added benefit of class-room instruction to our students.

Saint James University is also working toward full recognition by the United States Department of Defense to prepare military chaplains for their unique service to our country and to God.

Credits earned at Saint James University are fully transferrable to many Bible Colleges and Seminaries around the world but, are probably not accepted by most liberal arts colleges and universities.

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